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Born in a City full of Artists and Innovators, BareMinerals was created around the soul purpose to create innovative products that are powered by nourishing, skin-loving minerals. They create products like no other brand and connect with women in ways that no other Brand would dare. These are the reasons I feel comfortable spending over $30 for beauty products.

Not enough women concern themselves with the safety of their beauty products. We put over 20,000 chemicals on our skin daily from the chemicals found in our toothpaste to those found in our cologne. How many of those are harmful? A scary amount!

Is BareMinerals (Bare Escentuals) Cruelty-Free? -YES

“Bare Escentuals does not test on animals and their products aren’t sold in China. They’re therefore crueltyfree. This also includes Bare Minerals, Buxom, and MD Formulations. Reminder: They’re owned by Shiseido, so their parent-company does test on animals.” –Cruelty Free Kitty

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