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Tarte | Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette Volume ll – Rainforest of the Sea Collection



Add a touch of twinkle to any look with this Rainforest of the Sea skin highlighter palette from tarte. With four new microshimmer powders, you can illuminate all skin tones and spotlight the high points of the face for a lit-from-within glow. There’s no heavy glitter for the most natural look.

How do I use it: Apply with the included highlighting fan brush to build your desired radiance. Highlight the top of cheekbones and other high points of the face where you want to mimic light reflection. Wear each shade alone, or layer them together for a multidimensional effect.

One PALETTE to conquer them all! Rainforest of the Sea Collection is my new fave in Beauty

If you are looking for the perfect amount of shimmer and statement for the perfect contoured look, look no further than TARTE’s Rainforest of the Sea Twinkle Lighting Palette. This purchase also came with the most gorgeous brush to apply each shade with and it works heavenly. Definitely my new favorite makeup brush.

I was actually watching the QVC video from when they showed this bundle on TV with TARTE’s social icon, Jen, and I think she is seriously so freaking gorgeous and the before and after of her after using the palette is insane. I think that’s when I was sold! I would say if you have a darker complexion that the bronzer shades in this palette might not be dark enough to show but you will still be able to use the highlights for the perfect shimmer.

Now onto the brush, I’m obsessed with the two tone metallic color making it look mermaid-esque. It flares out in this perfect wide-angle and the powders just cling to it making you use less makeup and your palette will last so much longer! I like using this brush for my highlight the most.


Can I ask you a question? Since when the hell did “Contour” and the amount of sparkle I put on my nose become so important?

Seriously! I can’t even leave the house now without adding some Bondi Bae to my cheeks or a little dab of the shade “SKYLIGHT” from Tarte’s new contour palette, Rainforest of the Sea Vo. 2. I guess I’m just a hopeless beauty addict.

This palette includes some pretty interested INGREDIENTS that I am loving the formula with. They also help to fight against aging which in my opinion you can never do enough of, check out the ingredients below;

  • Rainforest of the Sea complex: a proprietary blend of algae and marine flower extracts that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing and softening skin.
  • Coconut: delivers intense moisture and is known for its antibacterial and conditioning properties.
  • Vitamin E: natural preservative that also acts as an emollient and antioxidant.
  • Vanilla Extract: a natural fragrance with rich antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

And of course if the scent of this palette doesn’t have you hooked the shiny, rich pigments will! I’m starting to think that Tarte makes sure all their products smell good but what I like most is that they do it in a safe way. As I’m sure you probably know that when products include “fragrance” that isn’t produced by a natural ingredient, the product is more apt to irritate your skin. The shades of this palette are;

  • Daylight (white gold)
  • Skylight (pearl)
  • Spotlight (champagne)
  • Candlelight (rose gold)

Cruelty-Free, or not at all is the only way to go when buying Beauty or Skincare Product

Tarte is a cruelty-free beauty brand which makes me feel better when shopping their products as none of my furry little friends were harmed or used in the process. They also carry Vegan products and most of their products have been test by a Dermatologist. So rest assured your skin won’t have a freak-out after applying them to your skin!

Seriously, go give this new contour palette a try! You can test it out for free before you buy if you go to your local SEPHORA store or you can order it online from QVC,

DISCLOSURE: All opinions and statements above are my own and were not influenced by the Brand. I purchased this item myself to test out and review on my Capture Beauty.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful highlighting palette! I have very pale, fair skin so it was quite difficult finding a highlighter that would work for me. I tried the drugstore stuff and it was totally unsuccessful, but this palette totally works!

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