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Who else is completely obsessed with Pinterest? I find myself turning to Pinterest for almost any inspiration I am looking for and lately I have been doing a lot of DIY craft projects at home. So before I even begin I like to get a little inspo from my fellow Pinners on Pinterest and I pretty much create a board for everything I am interested in. This week, PINEAPPLES!

PINTEREST BOARD – Pineapple Inspired Decor


Tropical Inspiration

The Pinterest Board above is perfect for anyone in love with Pineapple… anything. From pineapple leggings to pineapple headphone holders to even a pineapple shaped chair! I had no idea there were literally endless products out there shaped or colored like a pineapple. I think my first creative project will be to create one of the pineapple printed throw pillows! It looks cheap and pretty easy to make so anyone looking for a quick DIY project for summer, this is it!

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