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Michael Todd Beauty | Soniclear, antimicrobial sonic skin cleansing system



The world’s first antimicrobial protected sonic skin cleansing brush that guards against 99.9% of bacteria that can form on bristles between use so the brushes stay cleaner and fresher longer.

Soniclear is the best way to cleanse your skin and cleans away dirt, oil and makeup 7X better than hand washing your face alone. This two in one face and body system comes with two brush heads, one for the face and another which is larger and more coarse bristles for the body. The device has 6 customizable speeds to adapt to every skin type. 3 for the face brush and 3 for the body brush with an additional setting called C-Boost which creates a pulsing massage effect. Soniclear is also waterproof and rechargeable making it perfect for travel and daily use by leaving it in the shower.

How do I use it: Attach whichever brush head you plan to use (face brush to start), select the bottom button to turn the device on and press the middle button to adjust the speed to your liking. Apply some cleanser (quarter size amount) to your face directly or the brush head. Bring the bristles to your skin and turn the device on. The device has a built-in cleansing timer that will alert you when it’s time to move to the next section of your face.

Skin cleansing has upgraded and so has my complexion! With 6 speeds and a rechargeable battery, this soniclear will go everywhere I do

Do you suffer from acne, dry skin, wrinkles, maybe even blackheads? IT SUCKS, am I right? Well guess what folks, it doesn’t have to suck anymore and you don’t have to suffer through problematic skin. All you have to do is change the way you’re cleaning your face. It’s that simple.

Soniclear is the world’s first and only antimicrobial sonic skin cleansing system for the face and body. It’s waterproof, so leave it in your shower for everyday use and comes with 6 customizable speeds to adjust to any skin sensitivity.

Did you know that competitor skin cleansing brushes like Clarisonic are NOT antimicrobial? The Soniclear devices ARE antimicrobial meaning they protect your brush 99.9% better against bacteria, dirt and leftover makeup left behind on your brush. It’s true! Have you ever left your Clarisonic MIA in the shower overnight and smelled it the next day? It’s putrid.

The inventors of Soniclear recognized that skin cells and moisture remaining on the brush heads between uses can create conditions for bacteria to grow. So all Soniclear brush bristles, the base to which the bristles are attached and the protective cap are treated during the manufacturing process with proprietary LIFE® antimicrobial product protection – a soniclear exclusive – to guard against the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria. Traditional skin cleansing systems do not provide this protection.

Now onto the brush heads, Now like I said before, I have literally tried every skin cleansing brush out there before I found my way over to Michael Todd Beauty’s Soniclear system. BECAUSE I used to have the worst skin, acne breakouts weekly and oily skin pretty much 6/7 days out of the week. IT was awesome. -_- But anyway back to the brushes! Did you know that Soniclear bristles are softer than the competing brands? Soniclear bristles are individually hand polished as the last step in the production process. Making them less abrasive but still effective!

It is recommended you cleanse your face at least once a day or twice a day for maximum results. Soniclear is waterproof so I leave it in the shower and use it every morning.

My skin has completely turned around and my complexion is even and my pores which used to be filled with blackheads have shrunk and are clear as day! Soniclear provides my skin with a daily exfoliation removing all those dead skin cells that used to clog my pores all day. The Soniclear Elite system from ULTA Beauty comes with some really great accessories as well as some sample size skincare from Michael Todd Beauty. So if you are new to their brand it gives your a really great combo of their products to test out. Trust me your skin will thank you. The ULTA Beauty bundle inlcudes; 

  • Floral Print Soniclear Cleansing System
  • Charging cradle
  • Facial brush head with cover (1 Count)
  • Body brush head with cover (1 Count)
  • Charging cord
  • Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Cleanser with pump (1.7 oz.)
  • Honey & Oat Gentle Daily Cleanser with pump (1.7 oz.)
  • Jojoba Charcoal Face Scrub (1.35 oz.)

Cruelty-Free, or not at all is the only way to go when buying Beauty or Skincare Product (I REPEAT)

Yes folks, Michael Todd Beauty is a cruelty-free Brand and I am proud to announce Peanut is ALSO a fan of this skincare company. He give it a two paws up for sure.

Seriously, head over to your local ULTA Beauty store to test the Soniclear Elite out yourself and see what all the rave is about. OR head over to their site ( and check out all of their sonic devices and see how you can better treat your skin this holiday season.


DISCLOSURE: All opinions and statements above are my own and were not influenced by the Brand. I purchased this item myself to test out and review on my Capture Beauty.

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